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my friends do this cute thing where they ignore me until they need something, aw love them so much

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What do you call the security guards outside Samsung shops?


Guardians of the Galaxy

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it takes 237 muscles to fake an orgasm but 15 to say “it’s called a clitoris and it’s right here”

#don’t ever fake an orgasm let them know they disappointed you

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miscommunication as a plot device makes me angry

if you just talked to each other but no

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cuz u r water 12 feet deep n i am boobs made of concrete

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ok so my u key is broken and usually i have a u copied so when i need one i just paste it and one time i was talking to a guy i had just became friends with a few days before and i tried to paste a u but i had something else copied

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1. love is not supposed to be shallow breaths and spit that tastes like tears or blood dripping from your knees or throwing up in the shower but sometimes it is.

2. you can’t swallow the hollow words of the boy from down the street and want to kill yourself any less so stop emptying people out.

3. you don’t die when someone tears into your heart and that’s the worst part of it all.

4. looks can kill. when he smiles at you like he doesn’t remember what it’s like to kiss you all the pain you thought you’d bled out 3 months before will come rushing back and tangle around you till you scream.

5. the hands that used to wrap around you while you slept can be the same hands that snap your bones in half.


- 5 things i learned when you left  (via extrasad)

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" I hope you know that I’m not just here for the way your bones feel against mine or the way you kiss me like this is the end of the world. I’m here to wake you when you start crying in your sleep and I’m here to clean up the blood when your breathing gets shallow. I’m here to hold you back when you try to jump and I’m here to hold your hand when I can’t stop you. and I love the way you say my name and the way you look when it’s cold out. I’m here for every bit of you. Even the messy bits. and that’s how it will always be. We fell in love two years ago when we were tired and it was raining hard on both of us but I would stand out in a storm forever if it meant I got to fall asleep next to you. "

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april 15th
Drive to my house in the middle of the night like we never broke each other’s hearts.

june 18th
You made me so fragile. I used to smile through the pain but since you left even raindrops burn through my skin. Everything hurts now. I’m trying to hold myself up but it’s like you took my bones along with our fucking record player.

september 8th
I quit smoking. I thought I could fill my lungs with smoke instead of you but I just cough a lot and all my clothes smell like smoke. I miss the way they used to smell like you. I miss you.

january 22nd
I thought I saw you last night and I almost threw up but you’re asleep somewhere in Texas and I’m stuck in Jersey trying to find less life threatening ways to miss your voice.

february 1st
My best friend got mad and told me I was too cold and tired to love and I heard my bones break because I still remember the night you said the same thing to me.

may 17th
I thought I was over you but the boy I fell asleep on the phone with me asked me why I kept saying your name in my sleep.

june 4th
I wanted to hear your voice but I forgot the way it wraps around my heart and tightens till I pass out. I shouldn’t have called. I’ll probably call again tomorrow. Sorry.

august 29th
How did you stop missing me so fast? I need to figure out how to get you out of my head. Nothing works. I’m fucked. I love you.


- voicemails I would’ve left you if I hadn’t choked on my words (via extrasad)

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" Today I saw your face and I lost my breath a little but I didn’t collapse like I would have six months ago. "

- I still miss you sometimes but I’m not drowning anymore and maybe they were right when they said it gets better (via extrasad)

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